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Welcome to the Arab European Leadership Network in Higher Education – ARELEN

Founded by Cardiff Metropolitan University in Partnership with the Association of Arab Universities

ARELEN is an outcome of the Tempus project "Leadership in Higher Education Management", co-ordinated by Cardiff Metropolitan University. Co-founded by Association of Arab Universities.

Universities in the Arab region are facing severe challenges relating to their future development. These challenges are the result of general trends in international higher education and broader societal changes, especially in recent times. Universities are operating in an international arena that requires sound management systems in order to respond adequately to an ever-growing demand for higher education provision, the need to maintain and further improve the quality of teaching and research.

Given the demographic development in the Arab region, whilst taking into account limited resources, Universities have to become more efficient and effective in their operations. This requires specific skills and competences for their current and future leadership.  ARELEN serves as a network that will help universities and academics to be able to respond more effectively to the demands placed on them by society and current and future generations of students.

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Higher Education Leadership Programme

Training programme held at University of Business & Technology, UBT in Jeddah

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Research Leadership and Creating Capacity in Research
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