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Financial Management for Performance in HE

Date to be announced

All managers within an organisation need to be familiar with the whole process of planning and control.  In too many organisations financial management is perceived to be the realm of the Finance Department.  This is when things go wrong.  To build an effective budget all managers need to be involved and capable of participating fully in the process.

The scheme of work will include: How to develop realistic budgets; the process of delegation and authority; the role of the Budget Committee; the Master Budget; using the Balanced Scorecard model to operationalise your plan; controlling your budget.

All sessions will be interactive and practical.

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Leadership for Performance in HE: Building and Leading High Performance Teams

Date to be announced

The way that Leaders and managers develop and empower their teams has a profound impact on efficiency and on an organisation’s ability to innovate and meet new challenges. Research from Gallup and others indicates that those organisations that lead effectively, are able to better their competition by 20% or more, experience lower absenteeism, and meet the challenge of change effectively and with enthusiasm.

To achieve the best value from teams, Leaders and Managers need to develop an understanding of their own leadership style and the ability to adjust their approach to best meet the organisation’s objectives. An ability to understand and respond to the intrinsic motivators of staff creates an engaged and success driven culture.

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‘Lean Thinking’ for Performance in HE

Date to be announced

Introduce the main principles of ‘Lean Thinking’. Participants will become familiar with key diagnostic and analytical tools for application back in the workplace.  The concepts that underpin ‘Lean Thinking’ are key for improving performance. Participants will understand the concept of the ‘value stream’ and how to produce a ‘value stream map’ of the organisation.  They will identify value adding activities in the workplace and recognise different types of wastes. Various diagnostic tools will be demonstrated for effective lean implementation.

The programme will be participative and interactive.

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Innovation for Performance in HE

Date to be announced

The module considers Higher Education Institutions as part of an Innovation System that includes stakeholders and institutions within industry, government, and national and international non-governmental agencies, paying attention to both local society and the global networks within which HEIs operate, and their influence on academic activity, staff expertise, and student recruitment.

Functional and institutional components of HE including Education, Research, and Social or Engagement missions, and concepts of governance systems, norms, working cultures, and networks are explored from the Innovation System perspective, along with the interactions between actors and elements of the system that affect the development and diffusion of innovations.

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Handling the global challenges for Middle East Universities

Duration: 08/11/2016 to 01/01/2017

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Research Leadership and Creating Capacity in Research

Duration: 12/10/2015 to 13/10/2015

This workshop on Research Leadership and Creating Capacity of Research will help attendants have a better understanding of research issues. Subjects that will be covered include: How to become a research leader, the art and science of doing research, creating a strong research culture in Universities in the Arab World, how to maximise our chances of producing strong research papers and research bids. In addition, the workshop will cover a topic related to developing Key Performance Indicators for Research. It will also address the development of research strategies and how to deal with change. This workshop is useful to senior and middle managers who are dealing with research planning and management in Arab Universities and other organisations that have a research budget and research aspirations.

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Building Capacity for University Management

Date: 01-09-2015

The role of universities in society, particularly in relation to the technical, economic and socio-political development of countries is changing across the globe.

The extent to which universities in MENA countries are now expected to perform each of these functions should inform the relationship between universities and the State requires an enhanced university governance, more rigorous strategic planning, more comprehensive management information systems and management training, greater capacity in the management of staff, transparent performance indicators and effective quality assurance and enhancement procedures.

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Intellectual Property Management for Higher Education in the age of Knowledge Base Economy

Date: 21-05-2015

An outline of the state of cooperation between industry and academia and how to promote it are discussed, including the example of the situation of Tokyo Institute of Technology are given. And also it is appealed that importance of the role of university, which includes industrialization of the fruits of research study, adding to the normal works, education and research.

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