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Research Leadership and Creating Capacity in Research

Duration: 12/10/2015 to 13/10/2015
Programme leadersProfessor Ghassan Aouad, President of Applied Science University and Professor Zedan Hussein, Dean of Research and Graduate Studies
LocationApplied Science University, Bahrain

This workshop on Research Leadership and Creating Capacity of Research will help attendants have a better understanding of research issues. Subjects that will be covered include: How to become a research leader, the art and science of doing research, creating a strong research culture in Universities in the Arab World, how to maximise our chances of producing strong research papers and research bids. In addition, the workshop will cover a topic related to developing Key Performance Indicators for Research. It will also address the development of research strategies and how to deal with change. This workshop is useful to senior and middle managers who are dealing with research planning and management in Arab Universities and other organisations that have a research budget and research aspirations.

Target audience

Senior Research Leaders in Arab Universities and Industry Leaders who are interested in Research

Learning Outcome

The learning outcome are related to the following:

• How to become a Research Leader
• How to create a strong research culture
• How to develop research strategies
• How to handle change
• How to define Research Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
• How to deal with PhDs and Methodological Issues
• How to increase your chances to publish good quality publications
• How to improve the Research Bidding Process
• How to create research capacity
• How to link Research and Innovation
• How to link Research and Teaching
• How to deal with Three Golden Rules for Research Excellence
• How to set up Enterprise Centers: Bridging the Gap
• How to secure Research Funding

Who should attend

At least 2 representatives from local and regional universities (individuals who are in charge of research). It would also be nice to have attendants from Universities beyond the region

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