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Leadership for Performance in HE: Building and Leading High Performance Teams

Programme leadersRichard Andrews

The way that Leaders and managers develop and empower their teams has a profound impact on efficiency and on an organisation’s ability to innovate and meet new challenges. Research from Gallup and others indicates that those organisations that lead effectively, are able to better their competition by 20% or more, experience lower absenteeism, and meet the challenge of change effectively and with enthusiasm.

To achieve the best value from teams, Leaders and Managers need to develop an understanding of their own leadership style and the ability to adjust their approach to best meet the organisation’s objectives. An ability to understand and respond to the intrinsic motivators of staff creates an engaged and success driven culture.

Target audience

Managers & Leaders at all levels
Everyone at all levels of the institution who has responsibility for the leadership and management of staff at all levels of the institution contributes to the creation of an engaged, motivated and success orientated environment.

It is not unusual for Senior Leaders Vice presidents Deans and Departmental Heads to attain their position with little structured Leadership training. This programme offers knowledge, skills and practical tools which can be applied immediately and at any level within the institution to deliver both short and long term gain

Learning Outcome
  • An understanding Leadership styles and where different leadership approaches might be more effective
  • An understanding of Human motivators and how best to engage them
  • An understanding of how change affects staff and the strategies for delivering change effectively
  • Approaches to delivering effective performance management at institutional, departmental and team levels.


Who should attend

All those who lead or manage staff.

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