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Press Release for the training workshop “Excellence Strategy in University Performance” (July 2019, Cairo)

Events | Duration: 07/07/2019 to 08/07/2019

The Arab European Leadership Network in Higher Education (ARELEN)   in collaboration with the Arab Administrative Development Organization (ARADO) organized a two day training workshop on modern university leadership workshop titled “Excellence Strategy in University Performance” which took place on the 7th & 8th of July, 2019 in Cairo.

The Secretary General of the Association of Arab Universities (AArU), Prof. Amr Ezzat Salama stressed that AArU has begun to work on positioning the network and seeking to develop its activities and role at the Arab and international level to include in addition to Arab universities the African universities as well. 

He pointed out the importance of training of university leaders to be in line with the modern and advanced management of education, stressing the importance and necessity of benefiting from the European advanced expertise in this field and using the means of the new information and communication technology in the development of traditional administrative methods, through its search engines which allows easy access to unlimited information. 

He added that new information and communication technology is needed to contribute to the development of Plans and future visions of the educational institution and provide the necessary information for comparison, evaluation and improve performance.

Dr. Salama noted that AArU in cooperation with ARELEN has developed a plan to expand the activity of the network, intensify the activities taking into account the geographical distribution of the targeted institutions at the Arab and regional level.

Prof. Mohamed Loutfi, Vice President of ARELEN, gave lectures on the latest methods and standards of university leaders and the impact of scientific and technological progress on the effectiveness and ability of modern management in its direct impact to develop the academic and educational institutions and the ability of modern management to respond to the rapid scientific changes.
He announced that ARELEN in cooperation with AArU will hold several workshops and events that will contribute to providing university leaders with the necessary expertise to improve their management level and gradually switch to the modern management and leadership.

Dr. David Lock, the Secretary General of ARELEN, gave a detailed explanation of the vision of the modern leadership of universities and academic institutions. He pointed out that the European experience in the university leadership is sophisticated at the international level and takes into account all elements necessary to improve the level of modern university administration and the optimal utilization of the elements of development at the level of expertise, human and physical potential of the institution and the response to the needs of the local communities.

It should be noted that the Arab European Leadership Network in Higher Education (ARELEN), was launched by the AArU in early 2014 in cooperation with European bodies, as an outcome of the Tempus project entitled "Leadership in Higher Education Management", for training university leaders and enhancing cooperation among higher education leaders in the Middle East, North African and Europe.