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‘Lean Thinking’ for Performance in HE

Programme leadersBrian Morgan

Introduce the main principles of ‘Lean Thinking’. Participants will become familiar with key diagnostic and analytical tools for application back in the workplace.  The concepts that underpin ‘Lean Thinking’ are key for improving performance. Participants will understand the concept of the ‘value stream’ and how to produce a ‘value stream map’ of the organisation.  They will identify value adding activities in the workplace and recognise different types of wastes. Various diagnostic tools will be demonstrated for effective lean implementation.

The programme will be participative and interactive.

Target audience

Managers & Leaders at all levels
Every level of management has responsibility for leading the change process and introducing effective measures for performance improvement.  Introducing lean processes helps to engage and motivate staff to become fully involved in the change process.

Senior Leaders,Vice presidents, Deans and Departmental Heads will want to be actively engaged in improving performance but they may have had little experience or structured training in introducing innovative actions.This will provide the knowledge, skills and practical tools to deliver both short and long term performance gains.

Learning Outcome
  • Understand ‘Lean’ history along with ‘Systems Thinking’
  • Understand Lean principles and Continuous Improvement frameworks
  • Identify value adding and non-value adding activities in the workplace
  • Be able to use selected diagnostic and improvement tools to improve performance
  • Appreciate the human and strategic dimensions required for performance improvement
Who should attend

All those who lead or manage staff.

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