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Financial Management for Performance in HE

Programme leadersJeff Davies

All managers within an organisation need to be familiar with the whole process of planning and control.  In too many organisations financial management is perceived to be the realm of the Finance Department.  This is when things go wrong.  To build an effective budget all managers need to be involved and capable of participating fully in the process.

The scheme of work will include: How to develop realistic budgets; the process of delegation and authority; the role of the Budget Committee; the Master Budget; using the Balanced Scorecard model to operationalise your plan; controlling your budget.

All sessions will be interactive and practical.

Target audience

Vice presidents,  Deans and Departmental Heads
Vice presidents Deans and Departmental Heads normally attain their position without any formal training in financial management. For them to participate fully in the planning and control process they need a basic foundation and understanding of the process and the important role that they play in this process.  It is a common mistake to think that financial planning and control is only relevant to the Finance Department

Learning Outcome
  • An understanding of the process of budgetary planning and control
  • A clear picture of their important role in this process
  • Removing the fear and trepidation of the finance vocabulary
  • Improving performance management by setting KPI’s to measure progress in achieving objectives that have been set.


Who should attend

All current and potential future budget holders who come from a non-financial background.

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